Welcome to a new breed of agency built on years of experience from having worked on a number of famous success stories and some absolute fuck-ups. What makes this new agency different is our Creative Vehicle approach along with our NailTheWay work shops and the WalkTheTalk implementation program.

Our new agency combines great design with strong advertising. In that sense RIETZ is a hybrid between a design studio and an advertising agency. As you will see, very often we create corporate identity, design, interior design and turn it into an effective easy-to-use advertising tool.

But we don’t leave it there. Having analysed the reasons behind our previous failures, we have learned that the there are two common factors for these fuck-ups. One is the implementation within the client organisation. Or rather, the lack of implementation.  The other is where every story should begin: with a common insight in what can and what should be achieved.

Making the work work

We suggest that every collaboration begins with a mutual workshop which will bring clarity to what really needs to be done. Our NailTheWay workshops have proved to be an efficient tool to lead everyone involved to insights and clarity. Lead by Johan Johansson, experienced management consultant, these workshops may last for a day or less. We collect the insights gained, analyse them and deliver them in the form of a mutual brief. This simply certifies that we have all agreed on what needs to done. Knowing that we are working on a brief we have reached through analyses as opposed to someone else’s statistics, or worse, ”feelings”, allows for the right kind of creativity – the kind that makes a difference when all is said and done.

There are other learnings to be shared.

Believing it wasn’t our job to do so, we have failed to explain how to utilize the campaigns and the design elements. The client has been left alone* to explain to the management, the sales organisation and the everyone elses the why:s and how:s behind the new design or advertising campaign. That’s the reason RIETZ has created the  WalkTheTalk implementation program. We make sure to present and to follow up our work in your organisation.

*) Next to a light house keeper, being a marketing director is probably the world’s loneliest job.

Far from virgins

RIETZ has roots that lead all the way back to the dark ages before the internet. Together and apart we have created campaigns and designs for brands such as Ikano, Re:member, Diesel Jeans, Heinz, VW, McDonald’s, Toyota, H&M, Tele2, GANT, Telia, Swedish Post (Posten), Björn Borg Underwear, Thomson, Fritidsresor. Some can be viewed below, and some older ones are hidden under Time Machine.

Please, drop us a note or give us a call. We’re eager to listen and to work.


John Jacobson started out as an artist after having graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. He did surprisingly (to him anyway) well in the early nineties, selling his paintings at impressive prices and being represented at the Stockholm MOMA as well as The National Museum of Fine Art among others.

Then a recession hit – boom! Around that time he had developed an interest in the more commercial arts such as design of logotypes, package design. As it turned out he formed JVD design studio with Annica Vellinga.

Around the same time Björn Rietz had the first successes with Paradiset, the advertising agency he had co-founded with two former clients. Paradiset rapidly developed their own niche in advertising, initially gaining not as much liking from the advertising industry as from clients and the general public.

Soon however, Paradiset’s campaigns for Norrlands Guld, Tele2, Björn Borg Underwear, A Non-Smoking Generation, Thomson, Diesel Jeans rendered them a global reputation and top awards in the worlds most prestigious advertising shows. But admiration and awards aside – Paradiset generated tremendous results for the brands they worked on.

As a consequence of this Paradiset was acquired by a global advertising network, the legendary Doyle Dane Bernbach, or DDB as they now had shortened it. Björn stayed on with DDB for well over a decade as creative director involving a  two year stint at DDB Melbourne holding the title Executive Creative Director and vice chairman of DDB Australia.

During the Paradiset and DDB years Björn frequently hired the talent from John and JVD. Upon Björn’s return from DDB Australia in 2005, they started to collaborate more closely on a number of projects such as Re:member, Ikano, Samsung, Göta Kanal, The Real Group, Guitar People, Vår Gård.

But they felt something was missing. While working for Ikano Group, John and Björn had discovered the talent of a younger yet experienced fellow. 

Johan Johansson became the third and clever corner of this triad we now call RIETZ. His background lies in strategic web design and communication. He left his Malmö-based agency Fivestarday for a move to Stockholm in 2010 where he made the transition to also cover the fields of a management consultant. Today he divides his time between Xlent Strategy where he holds a position as senior partner, and as Business Director at RIETZ. Johan has particular insights in the hospitality industry.

Among his contributions to RIETZ lies a vast experience from implementation processes within large organisations. Johan has the ability to clarify what may seem complicated at first. In addition his enthusiasm can turn a funeral home into an amusement park in no time at all, however not literary.

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