Seriously Vodka

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When launching a new product into an extremely complex and competitive market it may not be such

a bad idea to use the product as the creative vehicle. God knows that it’s been done before in this category –

the not totally unknown Absolut Vodka became incredibly successful in the 1980:s using the shape of the

bottle as a carrier.

When Seriously Vodka was launched in the UK and Australia, we helped design the label. The name was

already there. We kept it as clean as possible leaving just the word seriously on the front but with the last

two letters in red as opposed to the other black letters.

For the ads we introduced a way of using copy only.  Each ad consists of an observation or a truism where

the word ”seriously” is integrated in an effortless way but with the last two letters typed in red. Each ad

reflected a topic of our times while the format, just copy without images, allowed for a wide spectra of media –

from tiny little matchboxes to large billboards. No need for logotype at the bottom since the logotype (seriously)

was integrated in the actual ad. Hence the logotype and the actual product became part of the written message.

A piece of odd information: When seriosly was sold, the new owner of the business decided to drop the basic

idea of having the letters ”ly” in red. Instead the entire word was typed in red. Like this: seriously. Result of this?

The message became unclear. To type an entire word in a different colour stands out like a black suit at a funeral.

It’s easier to kill a good idea than a fly with chopped wings.