Ikano Group

Brand strategy and graphic identity programme

Ikano was originally a part of the home furnishing company IKEA, founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. Today

the Ikano Group owns and develops competitive and profitable niche companies in the areas of finance, real estate,

asset management, insurance and retail. Beginning in 2008 the Ikano Group of companies assigned John Jacobson,

Björn Rietz and Johan Johansson (now RIETZ) to develop a oompletly new strategic graphic platform for the 15

companies within the Ikano Group spread over Europe, Asia and North America. The assignement was a joint venture

the web communication agency Fivestarday. The commission included the development of brand strategy, a new

graphic identity and a graphic manual with templates for an internal and external communication programme which

also included a tone of voice for copy. The assignment is still evolving.

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