Creative Vehicle – Let’s put the brand to work

Applying our Creative Vehicle approach is an easy way to put the brand and the logotype to work. This is how the Creative Vehicle works: At the beginning of a project we aim to create a small, visual common factor for the identity of the organisation/business. It may be a graphic shape or a picture but it may also consist of letters or simply – a play with words. Sometimes it’s all of these. We create an effect that grabs every chance there is to steer the mind towards the brand in a playful way. It’s simple and it works! And the other way around – it works because it is simple.

There is one major reason why this works so well: The human brain loves to play. When it plays the brain recieves a reward and rewards are kept in the long term memory. We add the features which turns the brand into its own creative vehicle  – then it will be able to catch speed by itself. It serves as its own generator.

The Creative Vehicle moves the brand with a minimum of effort.

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How is your voice?

One major consequense of the digital revolution is that people have started to read and write like never before. In the beginning there was email. Emails instead of phonecalls. Then texting (sms) replaced even more phonecalls, followed by saying hello and tell your friends what you’ve been up on Facebook rather than over a cup of coffee. Words, words, words. Occasionally accompanied by pictures.

    New ways of telling short stories that express feelings, thoughts, laughter or experiences are constantly popping up. Every generation adds a new way of telling their story.

    The question we must pose is: How does my business act in this new world? What words do we rely on when talking with our customers, clients, consumers, employees or shareholders? At the end of the day, that’s how they communicate.

Do you read me?

At RIETZ we deal with this every minute, every hour, every day. Rather than limiting your business talking about your company’s or product’s visual identity, we strongly advice you to add the word VOICE.

    Of course you should – the written word has never been more used before by those who your business rely on for fattening up the figures on the bottom line. As well as your customers have voices of their own, they expect you to have one.

When working with us, we put great emphasis on storytelling and the written word. For the same reason we never create just Corporate Identity – we supply you with Corporate Voice & Identity. Your CVI.

    Drop us a note, and we will talk about your use of the written word in a world of words.

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Do you have a separate assignment you feel doesn’t fit into the work your ordinary agency does? Well, what you have at hand with RIETZ In & Out is a tight, seriously experienced combo of three individuals with a background in management and digital solutions along with solid corporate design and top awardwinning advertising. You may use us as you would a freelance team, but this group is vastly experienced and recognized. We come in, analyse, do creative work, deliver, present and move out. Boom. Just like that.